Experimental Infrastructure

The Lab relies on a pump room and a head tank to supply water to the experimental facilities.

The 400,000 liter main building sump is located underneath the floor to the pump room and extends under the PIV laboratory.  The pump room contains four pumps (two 126 l/s and two 63 l/s pumps, both at 26.5-m of head). These pumps feed into a common 0.45-m diameter discharge head that is used to supply water to the laboratory’s constant head tank.  The pump room also contains two 38 l/s pumps @ 104-m of head for high pressure applications. Currently, these pumps are capped with blind flanges and are not in regular use.

The Lab’s 34,000 liter head tank is located on the south side of the Hydrosystems Laboratory. The head tank weir crests are located 16.1-m above the main laboratory floor. Three 0.61-m, one 0.20-m, and one 0.05-m diameter lines supply water from the head tank to the main laboratory.

In addition, two 13,000 liter weigh tanks are available.  These can be used to measure flow rates and/or calibrate flow meters within the lab. The weigh tanks are connected to the laboratory water-suppl