Small Oscillatory Flume

The small oscillatory flume consists of an approximately 3.9-m long, 20-cm wide, 25-cm tall channel. Two 75-cm tall receiving chambers rest on top of either end of the flume to accommodate the oscillatory flow. A 1.5-m long by 50-cm deep recessed section is positioned opposite the drive piston to allow for the placement of a sediment bed. The drive system consists of a single horizontally moving piston with a stroke of approximately 25-cm and a maximum period of 2-seconds, resulting in a peak velocity of 50-cm/s with a maximum acceleration of 1.5 m/s2.

Due to the size and construction of the flume (100% transparent plexiglass), this flume if very well suited to PIV and/or LDV examination of oscillatory flow phenomena1.

1 Admiraal, D; Musalem-Jara, R; Garcia, M, Nino, Y. 2006 Vortex trajectory hysteresis above self-formed vortex ripples. Journal of Hydraulic Research, 44(4),437-450.