Fernanda Maciel Yo

Title M.S., 2016
Department Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

Advisor(s): Marcelo Garcia

Country: Uruguay

Short Bio

B.S., Universidad de la Republica of Uruguay, 2012

M.S., University of Illinois, 2015

I received my B.S. degree from Universidad de la Republica of Uruguay, where I worked from 2009-2013 as a member of the climate research group of the Institute of Fluids Mechanics and Environmental Engineering, studying streamflow variability in southeast South America and how it affects hydroelectricity production in Uruguay. I held a Fullbright scholarship during my M.S. studies at UIUC.

Research Interests

For my Masters I studied the bioaccumulation of PCBs in the Great Lakes and their potential risk to human health, developing a GIS-based tool for bioaccumulation risk analysis. For my PhD I will be focusing on the interaction of toxicants with water and sediments, and the biogeochemical processes that affect the quality of water resources. I also have a general interest in sustainable use of water resources, effects of climate change, and the water-energy nexus.

Email maciely2@nospam6669e474726bd.illinois.edu