Research Services

The Ven Te Chow Hydrosystems Lab has a history of partnerships with non-profit, commercial, governmental, and private stakeholders all across the world. We have collaborated with governmental agencies ranging from Chicago, Illinois to the World Bank. Our partnerships include corporations ranging from non-profit organizations to commercial engineering consultants, all of whom recognize the value and expertise that we bring to the table. The facilities and capabilities we provide can take your project to the next level by introducing you to world-class researchers and providing facilities access for testing and experimentation of your ideas or prototypes. Some of the services that we provide include numerical modeling, physical modeling, experiment design, field work, data management, and expert advising.

Numerical Modeling

In many cases, physical modeling is impossible or prohibitively expensive. Our team’s expertise with numerical modeling can help you find solutions using the best tools available. We can model hydraulic structures, sediment transport, fluvial morphodynamics, fate and transport of pollutants and other water quality, thermal impact of power plants lake cooling, fish passages, canoe chutes, Asian carp egg transport, sewer hydraulics, and combined sewer systems, to name a few, using both in-house and open and commercial tools. Freely-available codes such as EFDC, OpenFOAM, HEC-RAS, SWMM, WASP, and Telemac are used where possible but we are just as well-versed in commercial codes such as FLOW-3D, ANSYS, and InfoWorks. Our extensive experience in modeling has resulted in the development of in-house tools such as RVR Meander, Illinois Transient Model, Illinois Urban Hydrologic Model, HydroSed2D, and the Illinois Conveyance Analysis Program to solve problems that commercial or open codes cannot do as well. Rest assured that we will bring the right tool to do the job.

Physical Modeling

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